Zus – The Greatest Tech I have tested yet!

Tech that YOU need if you travel

So, I have had a lot of different people ask me what “toys” I have and what stuff I recommend. I believe this is because by trade I am a web developer, and I have lived in the social media space for so long, that they know I get all kinds of new tech. Some I review, and most I am not very impressed with. This ends now.

I haven’t reviewed anything in while that stands out as the smallest contraption for the biggest bang. This little guy rocks in that category. Enter the Zus (pronounced Zeus).


So why is this little idea the greatest tech I ever tested? Because dollar for dollar, it packs a punch. Seriously this is one of those items you never thought you wanted or needed until you use it. Now I would never let mine go! Imagine your parking at the mall, or any store for that matter. You spend an hour or two and now you want to go home! You walk outside and remember the “general vicinity” of where you parked, but your not 100%. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a digital compass that brings you right to it? Still not impressed? Okay, lets use my weekend example:

IMG_0218So, I headed down to Orlando Premium Outlets this past weekend. It’s one of the largest outdoor outlet malls I have ever seen. It literally is larger than some small towns. The parking capacity is thousands on the weekends. Once you are in this maze, good luck remembering where you parked, especially since you walk around for 4 hours or more, only to end up at the complete other end. My family looked at me and said, “Do you remember where we parked?”

“No” I said, “but I do know how to get there!” I reached into my pocket, grabbed my phone and tapped Zus. It loads in seconds and tells me exactly where the car is.

The Jeep was 75 feet away, and I would have had no idea. It even shows the direction I needed to walk by using a freaking awesome digital display. Oh, you like how it also tells me the last time the car was moved? Yeah, I do as well. In learning what this little bundle of joy can do, I also realized that it is capable of dropping “pins” onto the map when I park as well by sliding the screen up. Not that you need to though, as soon as you turn your car off, it asks you if you want to pin the location, just in case you forget. It really takes all the hassle away.

Still, one of my favorite features is not just the locator, but the way this device feels. Yes, the way it feels, the texture, the quality, the military spec design and coating. It’s just cool. It doesn’t feel cheap like most 12v phone chargers. Oh yeah, did I mention that? It has 2 built in USB ports for super-fast charging as well as cool LED lights. It just add’s a sense of style, like this is tech that Batman created, and your an idiot for not wanting it. The appeal of this item is so underrated, and for some reason has not yet completely caught on. I hope to refer a ton of people to Nonda because this little thing rocks.

So if you are looking for something to drop a few bucks on, and brag about the coolness to your friends, this is it. For $29 you simply cannot beat this item, and you can order multiple, so if you want to show someone how cool of a gift-giver you are, go ahead, get the ZUS!

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.09.39 AM

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