Yacht or Beach Club?

The Yacht and Beach club is classed as one of Disney’s deluxe resorts, and is situated in one of the best spots on the property- but it can be incredibly hard to decide on which of these sister hotels stay at! After doing some investigating of my own I think that it all comes down to your own personal preference on the overall theming of each. 

I should start off by saying that if you’re unfamiliar with the resort, that the sister properties share amenities. So you can stay at either and still have full access to the pool, dining, and recreational activities that both have to offer- including the famous “Beaches and Cream” cafe offering up the ginormous “kitchen sink” of ice cream! – A challenge for any ice cream lover.

One of my favourite things about this resort is its location- situated by the Broadwalk, but more importantly to EPCOT! One of the major privileges of staying at either resort, is the “international gateway”- a side entry that transports you to the world showcase at Epcot, specifically between the UK and France pavilions.

When first looking into the resort we were unsure of which to stay at, but found that a high majority of reviews had claimed that the Beach Club seemed to have younger families populating most of it, whereas the Yacht club was targeted at perhaps older families. With the youngest of our party being 14 at the time, we decided to further look into the Yacht club.

The Yacht club is designed to that of a formal New England club. You’re supposed to feel as though you’re really on a boat- with the cast members costumes reinforcing this, as well as having a Captain wonder the lobby- a picture opportunity lies here! The overall feel is rather formal, with the decor being of mostly warm tones and bluish hues. These differ greatly from the Beach club, who’s main colour scheme is pastel shades of Salmon and green, as Disney quote to generate the feel of a “Bygone era”. Disney have done a great job with giving each hotel its own character, and by stepping from one to the other you can truly see why one is called the Yacht and the other the Beach! Walking through the Beach club lobby there is a more relaxed feel, the space being more open than the Yacht.

The rooms also fit along with the theme of each hotel, with the Yacht and Beach each sporting a fitting decor within their rooms. The prices of the rooms at both resort start from $255 a night according to the site, so it’s not as if one is better than the other- as I said at the beginning, it’s all a matter of preference! We chose the Yacht, and did find the statements regarding younger families at the Beach to be true so that may be something for you to consider. Though we did spend plentiful time on the beach side for dining and activities!

The Yacht and Beach club resort has a number of restaurants and dining- from casual at Cape may Cafe, to signature at the Yachtsman Steakhouse. Though should you get bored you could always take advantage of the international gateway and head for the world showcase! We very much look forward to returning to the Yacht club again in August.


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