The Optimist – Fact or Fiction Reality Disney Game

OK, well the fans of Disney’s D23 are in for a treat, well, more of a roller-coaster ride through fact or fiction of the Disney universe. A “game” in which Disney bases much history about the fictional story of Disney? Seems crazy, but it is already underway.


The hidden agenda’s and messages that can be deciphered, the unimaginable ideas that could have or never were… A wonderful idea for an imaginary game of thought and of course, amazing Disney history! Uncover the truth, the fiction or the rumors of Disney’s history and beginnings.


Disney is running an alternate reality game that delves into the origin story of Disney Parks through a fictionalized lens. For the next six weeks, players will work alongside Amelia, an aspiring documentary filmmaker and college student, as she seeks to uncover the secrets her grandfather left behind.” States Michael Anderson of Wired Magazine.

How cool is this? Another interactive storyline, with tons of pictures, clues, letters and more! Stay tuned for more information as more news is released!!

Compliments of Inside The Magic

The worlds of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy were only the beginning…

Walter Elias Disney was an optimist who believed in creating a living blueprint for the future. He and his Imagineers – those creative and skilled professional wizards who combine imagination and engineering – made fantasy into reality and built the magic of the Disney Theme Parks. But, what if that was just the beginning?

Amelia, a young filmmaker, has stumbled upon a revolutionary secret…and she needs your help. Collaborate with other curious individuals around the globe to solve a mystery that traverses the web, Disneyland® Park, and beyond before culminating at the D23 Expo.

Join Amelia and explore Walt Disney’s secrets of Tomorrow…

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