The Harmony Barber Shop at Magic Kingdom

In 2009, my husband, stepson and I went to Walt Disney World. I was excited for it was their first trip. I wanted to do something special with them so I looked up places at Walt Disney World for guys and children. I can across the Harmony Barber Shop online. This amazing barber shop is located next to Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom. I asked my husband and stepson if they would enjoy getting their haircuts at Harmony Barber Shop. My stepson was excited about this idea and so we planned for him to get his haircut when we went to Magic Kingdom.

The day we headed to Magic Kingdom, my stepson was glowing. He couldn’t wait to see Magic Kingdom for the first time, plus he knew he was going to get his haircut at a special barber shop. We adventured around Magic Kingdom, went on a few rides, and then found ourselves at Harmony Barber Shop.

This is a very unique barber shop. They not only give you haircuts, but they will put color in your hair with Pixie Dust. Haircuts for children under 12 cost $14.00. We paid and then waited in line for my stepson to get his haircut. He was excited as he watched other children get their haircuts. If you are an adult the price to get your haircut would arrange from $15.00 to $19.00.

After waiting about a half hour, it was my stepson’s turn to get into the chair. The man who cut his hair was very friendly. He talked with my stepson all during the haircut. After the haircut, the barber asked him what color he would like in his hair. At Harmony Barber Shop, after a haircut, you can put color hair gel/paint in your hair. They have many colors to pick from, my stepson wanted aqua blue. After the aqua blue gel was added, the barber added some Pixie Dust. My stepson looked awesome.



This was such a fun experience for my stepson to do and got to show off his hair cut the rest of the time we spent at Magic Kingdom. He got many compliments and smiled for he enjoyed his new haircut.

Oh, and “First Haircuts” is the establishment’s specialty. Children who receive their first haircut are treated to surprises, which includes bubbles, Mickey Mouse stickers, an extra-special “My 1st Haircut” set of Mouse Ears, special “pixie dust” and a certificate. For a small child, this is a fun and great way to introduce them to haircuts.

If you want to get a haircut at Harmony Barber Shop, all you have to do is walk in! It is open to walk-ins daily from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. I would recommend this Barber shop to anyone who wanted to have some extra special fun at Magic Kingdom.



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    Had a great time when we went too. Very cool barber shop


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