The Halloween That Almost Wasn't

Photo Credit: Molly Beckley

“They are calling for 8 to 12 inches of snow?! Seriously?! It’s October 29th!”, I said out loud as I listened to the weather report. I wouldn’t believe it. I refused. Hadn’t it just been summer like, 2 days ago? But oh yes, it was true. A few hours later it started to snow. A lot. Now being from New England, I am used to snow. I can shovel it, I can drive in it, I’ve even been known to catch a snowflake or two on my tongue. But snow in October, no matter how pretty it may look falling from the sky, is never a good thing. At the end of October in Connecticut there are still a good amount of leaves left on the trees. And when you mix heavy snow with tree branches that are not yet quite naked, you have a recipe for disaster. What would have been a pretty little snow fall in December turned into downed trees and branches, power lines all over the road, and no power for a week for thousands of people. So while some of you were basking in the glow of the still hot sun down south close to our Mousey Homeland, we were freezing cold stuck with no heat in our house, doing whatever we could to keep warm by the fireplace!

It's beginning to look a lot like...Halloween?

Now I know you have got to be wondering what on earth this has got to do with anything remotely related to Disney. Well, Halloween, that’s what. Halloween, and how my children were supposed to be celebrating the holiday wearing their Disney themed costumes while Trick-or-Treating, and then coming home and watching the Disney classic The Nightmare Before Christmas! On Saturday October 29th, our Halloween plans were not looking so hot. As soon as the snow started to fall, there was nothing to do but prepare for the power to go out. ¬†We passed the time by carving our pumpkins. Jake wanted his to look like Jack Skellington as always. The boys went out to play in the snow and build a snowman, Jake wearing the snow suit that was purchased for him that morning, just for the occasion. Pumpkin carving and snowman building all in the same day, who would have thunk it?

That evening the power went out. We built a fire in the fireplace and brought the kids little couches and blankets into the living room, and cuddled together like little Halloween mice. We went to sleep under mountains of blankets and I fell asleep wondering what was to come of Halloween. Maggie had her Tinkerbell costume that I purchased for her in WDW ready and waiting for her. Jake and Ben were both to don the Captain Jack costumes that I purchased for them at the Disney Outlet Store. Had I bought these costumes in vain? Would they even get to do the traditional door to door candy gathering ritual in these costumes?! Would my children be sitting at home staring at the wall while kids all over the country were having

Our little set up

Halloween?! I had to calm down. I fell asleep and hoped the power would be back by morning.

I awoke the morning of the 30th and sat up in bed. I let the breath out of my mouth, and I could see it. Not a good sign. The power still wasn’t on. We somehow made it through the day, and that night we took a trip down to Panera Bread for dinner. It was one of the only food establishments that was open with power. As soon as we pulled back into the driveway after dinner, HALLELUJAH! Lights! I was so excited I could barely contain myself! But did the rest of the town have power? Power lines were back up in their respectful spots in our area, but what did the rest of the city look like?

The next day was Halloween, and the unthinkable happened. The mayor made it very clear that he was strongly urging parents not to bring their children out Trick-or-Treating. There were still some areas of the town that had downed wires. He said that the mall would be open for children to go store to store in costume and Trick-or-Treat. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I knew the mall would be a mad house. With every child in our town trying to squeeze in to get their fair share of

The boys tried on their costumes before it snowed...

candy, there was no way I was going to try and stuff my three children into that mess. My friend brought her two kids over to do the traditional bobbing for apples, and eating donuts off of strings. We talked about the problem at hand, and we decided that we were going to be rebels.


There was a condo complex down the road that had no above ground wires. With the comforting thought of there being no way to get electrocuted, we decided to get the kids in their costumes, and bring them there to Trick-or-Treat. We were aware that all of the houses might not have candy, or even answer the door, but we had to try. Lo and behold, we discovered about 15 houses with their lights on, and they were all happy to give our children candy.

Going a year without going Trick-or-Treating would have been like going a year without going to Walt Disney World. Blasphemy I tell you! And yes, that night we were still able to watch the ceremonial Nightmare Before Christmas.

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