"The Great Mouse Detective" Blu-ray Review


“The Great Mouse Detective” Mystery in the Mist Edition makes its debut to Blu-ray. In High-Definition picture and sound Basil of Baker Street is back on the case. Taking place in London in 1897, the Toymaker Flaversham is suddenly kidnapped by the evil Professor Ratigan in front of his small daughter Olivia. She then entrusts Basil and his sidekick Dr. Dawson to set up a trap to get her father back. They all go on the ultimate adventure and try to save the day.

I love the fact that the great Vincent Price is the voice of the villain Professor Ratigan. It is so cool to hear his voice play such an evil role. Henry Mancini is the music composer of this film and singer Melissa Manchester has a debut as a mouse performer in the pub scene. “The Great Mouse Detective” is the first Disney movie to blend computer generated animation with hand-drawn characters. This can be viewed specifically in the chase scene with the gears.

Bonus features include: “So You Think You Can Sleuth” a featurette about the history of private investigation and how it all started. “The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind” Sing-A-Long Song. Everyone can sing along to Professor Ratigan’s evil tune. “The Making of the Great Mouse Detective” gives you fun facts on behind the scenes of the movie.

“The Great Mouse Detective” shines on Blu-ray and has funny quips throughout. I forgot how much I enjoyed this film as a kid. I am so happy that Disney is re-releasing some of their classics in vivid Blu-ray fashion.


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