Tapas Around the World – A Family Dining Experience

Whether you have never experienced tapas or if you’re a lover of them like I am,,, you’re going to love this concept. With most visitors keeping such a busy schedule while visiting the Walt Disney World® Resort sitting down for a meal is a great way to share your days experiences with your family; but what if your days experience could be sitting down for many meals?

Being a trained chef, I have a passion for food that I love to share with my family. I have been fortunate enough to have dined at more than 90% of the eateries offered on property and now that my kids are old enough, I can relive those experiences with them. During my last visit  we visited some sit down restaurants that they had never been to before, but the culinary highlight of our trip was what we called Tapas Around the World in the EPCOT World Showcase.

For families not on the Disney Dining Plan, this is as great an opportunity as those who are. With eleven countries featured around the showcase, they offer a multitude of familiar and unfamiliar dining options at their quick dining restaurants. The concept is simple, pick a country, visit the quick service restaurant and order (1) one menu option for the family to share together; when you’re done, move on to another country and repeat until satisfied (or full, whichever comes first) .

We started at the Cantina de San Angel for some authentic  Empanadas de Queso (and a margarita for Mom & Dad) before we walked around the lagoon and back into the United Kingdom for some classic British Fish & Chips at the Yorkshire County Fish Shop.  We made it into France for a deliciously rich piece of Ham and Cheese Quiche and then over to Morocco where we shared a Mediterranean Sliders Combo and had or first taste of Tabouleh. What I think I enjoyed more than the food was that at each stop we discussed what we liked or didn’t like about the dish and got to really spend more time together as a family.

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