Summer Concert Series at EPCOT

As the weather turns warmer and thoughts of summer nights fill my mind, I think about the summer concerts at EPCOT. I can already imagine a nice, light Florida breeze on my back and a cold Kirin in my hand. A beer found in Epcot by the way. Naturally, my attempts to sing with Slippery When Wet, the Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute band are ready.

If you aren’t aware, EPCOT hosts a series of concerts by cover bands nightly at 5:45pm, 7pm, and 8:15pm between June 12th and July 30th. The bands are first rate and you can’t beat the atmosphere! I mean where else can you hang-glide over California, take a car for a 67.8 mph test drive and learn the history of China. You will also enjoy some made to order crepes, and catch a great concert. The list of bands and dates is as follows:

2U-u2-cover-band-epcotJune 12-18 Hotel California A salute to the Eagles
June 19-25 Stayin’ Alive A salute to the Bee Gees
June 26-July 2 Slippery When Wet The Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute
July 3-9 Little Queen The music of Heart
July 10-16 Frontiers A tribute to Journey
July 17-23 Karin Lawson A tribute to Janet Jackson
July 24-30 2U A tribute to U2

The concerts are FREE of charge with your park admission. I know as you read through the list you are thinking about all the groups and the songs that you remember. And now as you are making your new memories at Walt Disney World, you can now be sitting in the park Imagine listening to songs that bring back those long forgotten memories. When you combine those memories together, you create those later will last forever.

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