Some imagination huh?

Few things in life are certain.  However, beyond death and taxes, I can be sure that I ain’t gonna be at WDW for Christmas, or “The Holidays” as my strange US cousins say!!  For me of course, “The Holidays” are the things we do in the summer, with any luck in Florida!

So in the absence of an actual visit, I thought I’d have an imaginary day there, and share it with you, whether you like it or not.

Cape May CafeSo on my magical, no limitations imaginary Christmas day, I think we’d be staying at the Beach Club.  Having somehow managed to get twelve hours restful sleep, yet still be awake early enough to make the most of every minute of the day to come, I would be gently brought to consciousness by my wife with some freshly squeezed orange juice in bed.

We would partake in a light buffet breakfast with our character pals at The Cape May Cafe.  Restricting myself to just a dozen or so trips to the buffet, as I would not want to ruin my appetite for the rest of the day, we’d then make our way across to the Magic Kingdom.  As this is my day, and I’m in control, the park would be incredibly quiet, so much so that the fastpass machines are not even dusted down and in use.

There are characters galore as we enter the park, all stood waiting for us to join them for a photograph in their special Christmas costumes.

The only way to start this special visit is to conquer the mountains in quick succession.  Space, Splash and Thunder under our belt, we would then head over to the rest of our favourite rides, a highlight of which would be me breaking all records on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

At some point in the early afternoon we would of course be selected to take part in whatever festive parade is planned, with Ariel picking me out for special attention, but hey, that wouldn’t be the first time would it?  It would have been several hours since we ate, and so we would need to lunch, and my choice would be a window seat in the castle, where again, characters are free to spend endless time with us, ensuring we get every photograph in every possible configuration.

ChinaWith appetite sated, it would be time for a change of scenery, and this would mean a trip on the monorail across to Epcot.  Again, the park would be spookily quiet on my day, and we’d of course take in a couple of headliners, such as Spaceship Earth and Soarin’, before wandering up to World Showcase, where we would time our wander around the world to coincide with every single show and event in each country.  As it is a special occasion, we’d feel obliged to partake in a drink native to each of the countries (for those over 21 anyway), which would mean that if we started in France, I’d need a three hour nap by the time we got to China!

Fear not, this day is mine, and I say this three hour power nap does not eat into our touring time at all, and we continue all the way around to Mexico refreshed.

As darkness starts to fall, and the magical atmosphere of the World Showcase descends with every torch lit, we decide to eat in Mexico, and are escorted straight to a table waterside.  After another perfect meal, we stumble down the steps after a Margarita too many, to find that the Candlelight Processional is about to start, with James Earl Jones narrating.  We of course have front row seats and a perfect view.  Suitably wowed, charmed and warmed by the whole experience, and of course after getting James’ autograph, and a photo with him, somehow Reflections of Earth is about to start in about half an hour.

We wander back to the Boardwalk where we board our vessel, Breathless of course, to watch the fireworks from the water.   As I’m making the rules, for once I manage to do the display justice with the photographs that I take, rather than the usual collection of black sky, smoke, and blurred colours.

Tired, and suitably emotional, after docking, we meander slowly around to the Beach Club, where we spend the last little while of the day drinking cocktails and speciality coffees in a quiet little place we found.  Tipsy, tired, and over emotional we stumble back to the room just before midnight, bringing to an end a perfect day in WDW.

You may have noticed that I have not made any mention of opening presents.  Well, to be honest, if I could have a day like this, then that would be the perfect Christmas gift for me, and I wouldn’t need anything more.

This is just one version of how I’d like to spend the 25th of December in WDW, but I could probably write another dozen.  What would yours be???

xmas wdw

Till the next time…..

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