Review – Laser Pegs

Ever wish Lego had invented a better way to introduce automated action, like robotics and lights into the basic blocks? Well, they do, they are just quite expensive! A new product has hit the market that may just be the new era of this technology:

Laser Pegs

Laser Pegs

Now, Laser Pegs are an ingenious invention, as they have a basic building block setup, similar to the lego concept, but they integrate the best part – motion and lights. Now you are able to not only build something cool like a tank or a truck, but it can actually light up with bright LED lights and, using a few batteries, have full motion.

The concept is engaging for children, even my son had a blast building them and then dismantling it and designing something different to make sprint across the floor.

Laser Pegs can be purchased at Target and other online retailers. They average from $19 to over $250 for an ultimate bundle, but most are reasonably priced. They now have even ventured into glow shoe laces, NFL branded items and even bugs! Laser Pegs are here to stay and any family can have fun and see their creation come to life in living vivid color.

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