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It may be a bit hard to see, but this map is marked with black X’s each place you’ll find a PhotoPass photographer in the Magic Kingdom. It doesn’t include the “official” M&G spots, those are easy to find. These are the extra & roaming guys stationed throughout the park. They’re not always easy to spot – those tan vests blend into the crowd easily and not all photogs use a tripod. So, working our way from the front of the park, here’s where to look.

Of course, first there are the one or two just past the turnstiles. Those are where most people start.

But just inside near the flagpole there’s another. This spot is good for “pop up” characters. Daisy favors this spot in the morning and we’ve met Pooh and friends in the afternoon.

To your right as you enter is Town Square Theater, but just past there near the hatshop is another place for great pics. At different times “roaming” characters stop here to draw away from the Town Square Theater queue. We’ve met Pinocchio & Snow White here.

The key to getting the most out of tour photopass takes a little planning, too. Grab a park map and a times guide then head to Guest Relations. They have a list updated daily of where every character will be. Ask and they’ll tell you.

Starting at Main Street USA there’s a PhotoPass guy about every 50 feet all the way down to the hub. Don’t be afraid to ask them to take the camera off the tripod for “special shots.” You’ll be glad you did. They’ll shoot in any direction – with the castle, stores and Train Station as a backdrop.

At the hub, by the Partners statue there’s usually 3 PhotoPass guys evenly spaced apart for shot at any angle you please. And don’t forget the “rose garden” just to the right of the castle. If you’re coming off the Tomorrowland bridge just keep going straight and you’ll run right into it.

Speaking if bridges, the PhotoPass guys love them. We have always found at least one on the bridges from each land. They don’t always have a tripod but look around and you’ll find one.

And about those “lands” – there are always two “roaming” photographers in each land. Usually you’ll find them near the “mountains” but they do float around. We found some near Indy Speedway, near the Teacups and by Dumbo. Again these photogs work without tripods, so keep your eyes peeled! We found the Fairy Godmother, Snow White and Mary Poppins this way 🙂

We’ve also found these rovers hanging around the DVC booths chatting to the bored sales guys. So look there, grab a free sticker for the kids from DVC and you might find a roaming PhotoPass guy. And because these “roamers” work without tripods, don’t be afraid to ask for “special shots” or to say, “Can we have our photos over THERE, please? I’ve found that by saying photos (plural) and “please” that your prepping the PhotoPass guy for your own little “session.” I’ve found almost all PhotoPass photographers actually enjoy taking pics and making memories. Be nice to them and they’ll be nice to you.

Doing this, planning and always scanning for those tan vests scored us more than 500 pics in three days at the Magic Kingdom. And saying, “Can we please just have a few more shots,” got us 50 pictures with Mickey & Minnie in Town Square Theater.

The real key to pulling this off and maximizing your PhotoPass experience does take planning and patience.

Pre-order your photpass CD. Don’t trust the websites and “tipsters” – head to Guest Relations each day for the updated list of character meets. Just ask and they’ll tell you.

Think of this like an Ultimate Touring Plan – prepare and be patient and polite. You’ll be surprised at how well if works! At the end of our trip we had well over 900 pictures on our PhotoPass!

And remember, “Adventure is out there!”

"X" Marks the Photopass Locations
"X" Marks the Photopass Locations

2 thoughts on “PhotoPass Info & Locations

  • November 9, 2011 at 11:10 am

    Really useful John. Here’s a question….is tipping expected for these guys or frowned upon??

  • November 9, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    Craig, glad you found this useful! It really just started as an idea to see *how many* PhotoPass pictures we could get and spend less time looking through tiny viewfinders. We really wanted to take in the little details this trip 🙂

    When I discovered my idea really worked – with the help of a friendly PhotoPass manager and the map – I just had to share it! I’d be interested to see the results others get. So, if you’re headed to the parks soon…

    And now finally to answer your question! It is my understanding that the only Cast Members allowed to receive tips are the valets and bellman who help with your luggage.

    Not to sound corny, but I find giving a little of the “magic” back with a smile and a thanks makes *everybody’s* day! All of the Cast Members we ran into – PhotoPass included – really try to make magical moments happen. So when we go, we “pay it forward.”

    Thanks for reading & “See ‘ya real soon!”

    John C.


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