Perception – Series 1

For those of you who are addicted to good TV or have an over filled DVR like I do, I never get a real chance to watch all the shows I enjoy. I usually try and get caught up on the weekends, but some shows are really too good to wait for. I stumbled upon Perception awhile back and although I missed some of the first episodes, I was able to catch many of the season and funny and interesting are the best adjectives. It was ranked as the #1 show of 2012.

For those of you who have no idea about the show, here is a clip from Season 1:

I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch a schizophrenic neuropsychiatrist who assists the FBI on some of their most complex cases? Obviously that makes for good tv. Dr. Pierce assists is some wacky zany cases and always has that good punch line. I know police drama’s seem to be everywhere with much popularity, from the always original COP’s to Body of Proof, Law and Order and others, it shows, America cannot get enough of them!

This is another you might want to get on DVD!

Debuting on DVD – May 21, 2013


Run Time:
10 episodes (2-discs)

Retail Prices: $29.99 US and $35.99 Canada

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