New Pavilion in Epcot!

Yes, it appears the rumors are true about Disney bringing in some South American flair. Brazil has been named the new Epcot Pavilion and will be hosted amongst the International Elite at the World Showcase.  Now Brazil has been here before (quickly) in the Epcot Food and Wine Event that runs in the Fall months. We have been able to see sneak peaks of the food and alcohol that will be served up.

Although many people have speculated about what country would be next, the Disney community has shared a good response for something from South America. Brazil will bring some new flair to this arena and I think we will see some surprises when it goes live!  Brazil always has a good size line when the kiosks are up at these events.  Below is a menu from their 2009 showing, we assume this will be a sample of whats to come:

Shrimp Stew with Coconut and Lime – $4.25
Grilled Pork Skewer with Farofa – $4.00
Passion Fruit Mousse – $2.75
Miolo Chardonnay – $2.25
Miolo Pinot Noir – $2.75
Miolo Castas de Portugesas – $5.25
Leblon Frozen Caipirinha – $7.25

We can already assume that Brazil will feature a love for Football, as that is an amazing passion that their country shares, but what landmarks will be brought in?  I don’t think they will take the “religious” view and go with the Statue Cristo Redentor, a massive statue of Jesus with his arms open. It is in Rio De Janeiro and might cause too much controversy for Disney. Personally I think the monument or landmark will be the Sugarloaf Mountain range or something reminiscent of Sactuary of Bom Jesus do Congonhas. A beautiful building built in the 2nd Century. Although still a church, and a religious monument, Disney may just have the buildings resemble this triumph rather than mimicking it.

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