My Top 20 Attractions to see at Walt Disney World

The next few weeks I am going to bring to WDWdads, my top 20 attractions at Walt Disney World. Now, there are many great and wonderful attractions at WDW and it was hard to pick my top 20. I had to think about the attractions I can’t miss every time I go to each of the four parks, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. So, I made a list of attractions that I could miss out on when I visit the land where fantasy lives. Each time I post, I will have 5 great attractions that you will want to check out when you head to the parks.

Here are my picks for 16 – 20.

16. Mickey’s PhilharMagic : This is a 3D movie starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Donald gets into some trouble while chasing down the sorcerer’s hat through different wonderful scenes from classic Disney movies. The animation is great and you feel like you are right in each movie with the dancing and the music. I loved the scene with Aladdin and Jasmine riding on the carpet. You feel like you are flying with them. I also loved the Lion King scene with the animals and the music. This is a show you will not want to miss out on and you will want to return to see it every time you travel to WDW. The show runs 12 minutes. Each time I have waited in line, I had to wait between 30 minutes to 45 minutes. there is Fastpas if you want to get to the head of the line. This attraction is located in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom.

17. Maelstrom: This is an attraction where you will ride in a viking boat through Norway. The attraction is a lot like Pirates of the Caribbean in Magic Kingdom. Here you will meet weird troll creatures that will send you away…backwards down a water fall which is exciting. The ride is all in water and travels around Norway to learn about it’s history and legends.  There are so many trolls and  creatures. After the ride there is a five minute show which you wait for, but if you want to bypass it and enter the gift shop, you may. I have always waited for this ride for I have never waited more then 30 minutes, though there is Fastpass available. This attraction is located in World Showcase at Epcot.

18. Star Tours: This attraction is great and has always been one of my favorites. For awhile it was closed to make it even better. Now you can meet even more wonderful characters from Star Wars which as, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Jedi Master Yoda, Admiral Ackbar, Princess Leia, and Chewbacca! Chewy has always been a favorite Star Wars character of mine. You board a starspeeder and go on a trilling journey in 3D through Star Wars universe. If you are a Star Wars fan then you can’t miss this ride and you will want to go on it more then once. Plus, if you are headed to WDW this month then also check out Star Wars Weekend! This attraction is a flight-motion simulator vehicle. I have never waited to long in the line, but since it has been upgraded the line has been longer. You can get a Fastpass for this ride. This attraction is located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

19. It’s Tough to be a Bug!: This was a favorite of my stepson who loved seeing one of his favorite Disney movies come to life in 3D. He has always been into bugs just like the average boy and enjoyed seeing the bugs moving around onstage right in front of him in 3D. Of course his favorite part was when it’s time to go and the bugs get to leave right, you here “excuse me” and you feel your seat rise. He started looking around for the bugs that left. He still talks about this attraction all the time and it’s on our to do list when you travel back to WDW. It’s an 8 minute show at the Tree of Life. You wait for the doors to open inside the tree and then the show is right in the middle of the tree. There is Fastpass for the attraction though I have never used it for it. This attraction is located at the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom.

20. Indiana Jone Epic Stunt Spectacular: I’m all about action and growing up Indiana Jones movies were full of suspense and excitement. This 30 minute live show is full of all the great scenes we loved from the movies. Plus they do ask for volunteers to join in the fun. If you raise your hand you could be picked to be part of the action.  The show does reveals some of the secrets behind the stunts and special effects of the Indiana Jones movies and is a show for the whole family to enjoy. This attraction is has no Fastpass so you will have to wait to see it. It is located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Come back soon to see more of my list of My top 20 Disney Attraction to see at Walt Disney World.


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