Monsters Univ Accepting Applications!

Join the class of 2013 Graduates from the Monsters University now online! Here is a brief video from the Dean Of Admissions:



The movie will be amazing, but what if you could join the class? Dive in, the waters boiling, I mean, it’s fine! haha

Dont delay as classes are forming now and they fill up quickly. Mostly with Monsters, but who knows, you may make it out alive!
Excerpts taken from the site: Monsters University

An example of course material:

Scare Theory Volume. VII by Karl G. Eyegout

Scaring Companion Ninth Edition

International Scaring Ninth Edition by Jorge T. Scrumm

Scaring Descriptions “The Scarer’s Blue Book” Tenth Edition

The Science of Fright

The Modern Pyschology of Fear by Molly Scareburn and Melvin Fellbone

The Anatomy of Fear by Gore Bunson

Fearmongers “High Speed… Scream Transmission Handbook”

Monsters Gambit

I’m Scary, You’re Scary by Claws MacGuffin

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