"Manliest" Disney Character?

Who would you consider your most manly Disney Character? This can be a good or evil character… Hades? Mr. Incredible? Captain Hook?
According to the latest poll, the winner is:

Mr. Incredible – Bob Parr


Now, lots to know about this winner and why he was chosen. For instance, he one of the only selections who’s saved the world from total destruction again and again, but also does so with style.  Never is he mean or rude to people and he is a loving family man.  We related with Bob as he is somewhat like todays men going through our depression and rough economic times.  Trying to put that belt on in the morning after Disney Food & Wine? Yep, we’ve all been there! Bob was put into retirement and did not take it so well.  After some determination and support from his family, Bob returns as Mr. Incredible to save the day. It’s a true heroes storyline and is a great movie for all ages!

Mr. Incredible also has a quite famous family worth mentioning. His lovely wife Helen (Elastigirl) and they have three children all with their own super powers. The eldest is Violet, followed by Danielle Robert (aka Dash) and the newest addition, Jack-Jack.

His strength is matched to a modern day Superman. His senses heightened like Spiderman and a charm somewhat like Batman. He possessed all the qualities we were looking for in a true “Manly” guy.


-Sully-james-p-sullivan-32911730-361-267 After careful examination of all the villains or leading heroes, we decided that Mr. Incredible seems to fit the criteria best. A complete manly guy “or Superhero as he would like to be called.”  He was an equal tie for most scary with Beauty’s Beast and almost won over Sully from Monsters, Inc. on the strength aspect of the contest.  Yes, Bob Parr from The Incredibles wins the poll!

Although careful examination did actually bring gbzymisjno0x2gvbvqv9Gaston from Beauty and the Beast to a higher ranking, we decided that he is too much of a mean and obnoxious guy to have named a winner. His rude comments and amazing strength due bring him into a “man” category, but Sully from Monsters, Inc. would be a more deserving actor. At no time does he actually hurt anyone or attempt to sabotage anyone.  Being the scariest monster in Monstropolis is not as easy as you might think…

Also making our honorable mentions was Hades from Hercules. His ruthless “car-dealer” style of talking makes him a huge chart topper, but once again, just a bit too much of a one-way kind of guy. Manly doesn’t mean evil… or Hades would win hands down.KG_HADES_001  His character has a great impact over the movie while attempting to swindle the power from Hercules to take control of Mount Olympus. Genius plan, but foiled as usual. Thus making him not so smart on the manly level. I mean, at today’s finest day, he is ruthlessly trying to take over the Crystal of The Magic Kingdom in the Disney Parks Sorcerer’s game daily! Does this guy ever stop being nasty?

Although Hercules is not amongst my favorite Disney films, Hades is by far one of my favorite characters. He is a piece of work…

Captain Hook also was chosen for the list,but I think his attire and the fact that he scares easily by a crocodile might have kept him low on the list.  All that whining to Mr. Smee… it seems that Mr. Smee is a more manly choice!

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