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This started more as a journal entry to keep track of where I want to go when I get to the WDW. First of all, salads, sandwiches and water? Um, no… Were moving past the usual and casual dining for the real experiences that can make even the toughest man happy! I have two recommendations for such an event.

1. Pecos Bills. Yes, I have posting this in another topic or post early on, but seriously, you cant find a better burger in Disney.  I know every park has the exact same burger and fries everywhere, but have you ever dipped your fries into hot cheese sauce here?  OK, I am quite serious that you can build up a adequate 500 calorie burger into a monster 1,000 calorie powerhouse in about 30 seconds.  Now, lets be reasonable, were not trying to grow out our beards, rip open our new Donald Duck T-shirts at the seams or down gallon jug containers of beer.  But when we are walking around the Magic Kingdom for 6 hours straight, sometimes a refueling station comes across as a Double bacon, pickle, grilled onion, cheese sauce dripping cheeseburger.  A side of fries, a large beverage and maybe even a carrot cake on the side should do us just fine.

2. Restaurantasaurus. This is second on my list but still competes with the first choice too.  This is a little hidden gem of another classic burger joint, with one ingredient standing out that can make the classic burger something irresistible for most guys; Bar-B-Q Sauce.  Now, lets start at the beginning of this challenge: Double Bacon Burger, a monster cup of that sweet and tangy southern sauce and some fries?  Not many restaurant even carry BBQ sauce, so when you find a place, it stands out. Plus it has a great relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy your delight indoors or on the patio outside away from the flip-flop tourists. (They also have an awesome Hot-Dog too)

I will point out that the standard Man-Food is readily available in most parks, ie. Turkey Legs.  They are all over the Magic Kingdom near Frontierland and even in Epcot in the America Pavilion.  They even showcase them in the Hollywood Studios and you will see every other guy walking around with one. Don’t be left out!

Another featured spot to point out is the desserts. Not everything is Mickey Ears dipped in chocolate, or a cupcake. If you head to Epcot you can run to the Norway Pavilion and hit the featured spot there, Kingla Bakeri. They have an apple and/or cherry danish that is amazing. I would buy two, one is not enough.

3. The Plaza. Yes, the Plaza! If you have not been there, or just have walked by a hundred times because it looks but a simple quick stop restaurant, your probably right. They do, however, have a ton of manly food ideas. For instance, the Philly Cheesesteak is an awesome option!  Although not soaked in grease and dripping in goo like Guy Fieri would like, it IS a major improvement from the foo-foo restaurants around. The portions here are quite large and the price is something you cant beat on property.Disney the Plaza

4. Caseys Corner. Caseys is still another place that everyone jams into for their hot dogs. If you havent ponied up to the counter and ordered the Chicago dog, your missing something huge. Even if your not super hungry and in the mood for just a “taste” of goodness, get the Corn Dog Nuggets. Yes, they are still NOT quite the same as the full corn dog from Disneyland, but sweet battered, crispy exterior shell and warm tasty hotdog is awesome with a side of cheese sauce! What??

5. Well, we always have to keep adding to this list as amazing things come out… Liberty Tree Tavern. Those 3 words make my mouth water. Character dining with turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, apple pie, ice cream and more? Yep, I’m in. Their located in the Frontierland area of the Magic Kingdom, and although not cheap for dinner, you dont want to miss this Thanksgiving style meal with endless refills!

Animal Kingdom Tusker House Buffet

6. We travel to Animal Kingdom for one of my personal favorites: Tusker House. Now, although buffets can be considered “Man Food” anywhere, Tusker House has a special reason “why” I picked it. The atmosphere and the selections make this plan very manly. Carving stations, red curry chicken, mac & cheese and they even have Corn Dog Nuggets! This place will be a hit with any member of your family, hands down!

Germany Biergarten

7. Alright, last buffet style place, Germany’s Biergarten (Beer Garden). Think German meats, cheeses and desserts galore! Dinner Buffet is loaded with meats of all kinds, frankfurts, porks, beefs and more meat with a side of cheese and more meats. Oh, did I mention they had meats? They also have the best dessert selection on property with hand made Vanilla Sauces over berries or apple strudel and more. The food is amazing and the German music and dancing can’t be beat! Remember Clark Griswold in “European Vacation” dressed in Lederhosen?

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  • April 27, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    Agree with choices Robin, but might I add that Rosie’s All American Cafe@DHS is not to be missed. Their 1/3lb Angus Onion Straw Cheddar Cheeseburger and fries can make it into your top two.


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