Jackie Chan & Owen Wilson – SHANGHAI

The duo is back, well, sort of! Back to the screens in full 1080 Bluray with their action and very funny packed

Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights!

 Shanghai Noon Knights Bluray Combo

Shanghai Noon released in 2000 with great reviews. First off, I am a fan of any person who does their own stunts, and Jackie Chan is set apart in that aspect. He has been injured so many times, even breaking bones doing his own stunts. He is officially the real deal when it comes to Martial Arts and true comedy. Put him together with funny man Owen Wilson and then, put it in the old west? You’ve got yourself a funny movie! The movie starts with Jackie Chan as a man with a purpose searching for a Princess, kidnapped in the old west. Owen Wilson plays a train robber and the unlikely duo team up and cause chaos like no other group can!


Shanghai Knights reunites the duo back on the screen In 2003, Shanghai Knights was released to unite the team, this time with a more revengeful plot. Avenging a fathers death. The two travel across the ocean in search of revenge. Another comedy packed with tons of action and suspense. Any movie with either of these two guys if sure to be great. Comedy, action, drama and more!


Both movies have a PG-13 rating, so it is suitable for most audiences. The Bluray versions is now available as a two pack in most stores now! The bluray features of course updated and enhanced sound and video quality as well as some special features.

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