It's all about Green!!!

In Today’s society, there is no doubt , that Green is where it is……

Where is that green that I speak of? In this economic structure, are we talking money?.?.?.?

as much as I might like to say that is the case, it is not! Green is essential in our way of living and our environment!

My wife and I have been avid contributors, and supporters of Disney’s worldwide conservation fund! I have been privy to the behind the scenes of Disney when they are deciding on “Green” products. It is not easy for staff, guests, and personnel when transitioning to “Green”.  It is also not easy for that  sea turtle to escape the wrath’s of debris thatwill most definitely jeopardize the life of the species.

Being from south Louisiana, we have a really mixed system, of green enthusiasts. Our state of Louisiana is labeled at” The Sportsman Paradise”. Beautiful, wonderful, and exotic, yet one of our driving factors of our success as a part of this economic society if our Gulf Coast, and the petrochemical industry that it supports! I know that most everyone who has followed any media in the last few years, are familiar with the BP oil spill.

I, as a businessman in the petrochemical supply industry, have changed ways of thinking and approach on products, in my work environment and at home! My wife and have taken to consuming more filtered water, less plastic bottles. Changing our bulbs in our home to LED and fluorescent’s.  I am sure that as we continue to learn we will find more new and inviting ways to help the environment! I have instituted a  complete green line of products for my company for Industrial, institutional, and commercial chemical, and cleaners.

Although a young man, I still am. I have certainly experienced the change in lifestyles of the environment! I respect our outdoors, wildlife, and environment much more these days, and continue to enjoy as I learn!

Our City also loves to participate…

Every effort to improve, does nothing but help!


One thought on “It's all about Green!!!

  • April 19, 2012 at 5:00 am

    Green is the way to be! If we don’t take care of this land today then it may not be here for the future!


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