I Need Help Packing!

I hate packing. Why? It’s simple. I always forget something and I hate having to purchase something that I already own. At any rate, we are two days away from our magical trip to Disney. Two days. And like PFC Santiago of A Few Good Men fame…I am not packed. I honestly don’t know what to pack for Disney even though I have been there twice.
So I did what any good father does – I checked the Internet. And that was a bad idea.

Some of the sites I found had simple checklists – 10 things you need for your Disney vacation! 5 things you should definitely have in your suitcase for your trip. The things you should carry with you.
Socks. Check. Underwear. Check. Kids. Check check. What else?

I found a site that boasted the “Ultimate Disney Packing Guide”. The length of time that it took to download should have been a warning. It was a two page spreadsheet with super small font. Amazing.

So I will be packing a bag somewhere between the 10 item list and the Ultimate Guide. I’ll let you know my progress, but in the meantime our Disney adventure awaits, so I better pack.

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