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THe Castle

Good evening. I would like to take the oppertunity to introduce myself , McFluffy, and my lovely bride aka “Cheekie. We were born and raised in south Louisiana. We met after I left the military, and the rest is Magic, DISNEY Magic! We both have such an infinite passion for Walt Disney and his visions. I am truly honored to be a part of any group in which he is living through!

Cheekie and I are Fur Parents, DVC Members and children at heart! Never will you find either of us if we are not trying to help someone, enjoy life or plan a Disney Trip…LOL

Throughout my life I have traveled the world, been affiliated with corporate, government and private business’. In those travels Nothing stays more constant than a quote that I have lived by through life, and ,of late seen mentioned by Lee Cockerell, “great leaders to listen to their employees and their customers”

I live my life and try and keep the relationship between my wife and I on the same terms! Be Happy, Listen, evaluate, and act! We are all capable of achieving greatness. Our only obstacle is ourselves!

Disney is one GIANT example of overcoming objections, acheiving excelence, and providing a level of service and satisfaction not considered possible in the hospitality and service industry!

I truly hope that in the future Either, myself or My “Cheekie” can provide much pleasure and insight to as many Disney fans as we had provided to each other!

Peace Love & Mickey

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