Happy Magical Monday "April 2, in Disney and Florida History"

April 2, 1513:

Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León discovers Florida while searching for gold and the mythical Fountain of Youth. He names the land “Pascua Florida” (Spanish for “Flowery Easter”) because he and his crew first spot the land on this day – Palm Sunday. Many historians believe Ponce de León was the very first European to set foot in Florida.
(Pascua Florida Day, April 2, is a legal holiday in the state of Florida.

April 2, 1928:

The Official video is now “lost”  This is one of the original sketch’s

Disney’s Oswald the Lucky Rabbit black & white silent short Sagebrush Sadie is released. Oswald plays a cowboy who must rescue Sadie from a runaway stagecoach and the evil Pegleg Pete!

April 2, 1930

Clarabelle Cow first appears in the Mickey Mouse comic strip. She had previously appeared in black and white animated shorts, but this comic strip appearance is a big deal because it is where her name was first given. This comic strip served as a part of the storyline Mickey Mouse in Death Valley.

April 2, 1982:

Disney re-releases Fantasia for the 8th time since its 1940 original release. The soundtrack has been digitally re-recorded making it

the first motion picture with digital stereo sound.

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