Five Souvenirs That a Disney Dad Can Appreciate

(We brought this post back after many emails asked what is a great gift for a “Disney Dad”)

I always get asked by my dear wife, “What would you like as a gift for (name occasion)?”  The predominate items that I would like are from Disney or Disney related.  I’m not a Dad (yet) but with Father’s Day coming around the corner, I thought it would be a great idea to give those Disney Mom’s and Disney Kids some souvenir gift ideas for their Disney loving Dad to help them get that special gift for Father’s Day.

Star Wars Back Buddy – (Mickey’s Star Traders in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom and Tatooine Traders in the Backlot at Disney’s Hollywood Studios)  There are so many guys out there that either like the Star Wars series or love Star Wars.  What better way to comically show your inner fanboy then to have Chewbacca along for the ride on your back.  These are called “Back Buddies.”  Chewy isn’t the only one that they offer.  I’ve seen Yoda sold there.  On-line there is R2-D2, a Stormtrooper, and Darth Vader that can hang on your Disney Dad’s back.  Furthermore, what better way for Mom to get Dad a fun way to carry your Walt Disney World essentials around the park?

Turkey Leg T-Shirt – (United States Pavilion at Epcot)  A turkey leg from Walt Disney World hits so many different characteristics of most guys.  We are carnivores, love to Bar B Que, and eat Bar B Que.  One of my must have snack/meals when I visit Disney World is the famous Turkey Leg and I am proud to announce to the world that it is by sporting my Turkey Leg T-Shirt not only around the parks, but everywhere I go.  The one day that I wore it around Epcot, I received many compliments and was asked several times where I bought the shirt.  The funny thing about this shirt, only the Walt Disney World fanatics get it.

Golf Accessories – (Main Street Athletic Club on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom)  One of the favorite sports that many guys like to partake in is golf.  What better way to incorporate Mickey Mouse into your guys favorite sport is to get your golf accessories in a Disney theme.  They have everything for the golfer from ball markers to golf balls to golf polo shirts all sporting the Disney image.  However, if your Disney guy would rather take on a different sport, there is more sports themed Team Disney paraphernalia for the Disney Dad fanatic at the Main Street Athletic Club.

Magic Kingdom Attraction Poster – (Any Art of Disney shop throughout Walt Disney World)  It’s been said that Walt Disney painted the sidewalk leading into Main Street USA red because he wanted to make you feel as if you were going to a movie.  As you are walking through the tunnels under the train station hanging on both sides of the walls are attraction posters for the different attractions there at the Magic Kingdom.  All of them are beautiful and are available for purchase at any of the Art of Disney shops from their computer terminals.  A nice extra perk to purchasing these from the computer terminals is that they will be mailed to any address you ask, so you do not need to carry them around the park.  Think of how much fun it would be for your WDW guy to have the Haunted Mansion attraction poster hanging in their man cave or, for your guy to have a Pirates of the Caribbean poster as the main centerpiece in an executive’s office.  Personally, I get a poster every trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. And every time I see them, it puts a smile on my face when they bring back memories of all the trips we have taken.

Beer Stein – (Volkskunst at German Pavilion in Epcot) Beer steins serve two purposes: 1. To enable one to drink their beer and 2. As a piece of art.  I do prefer the latter as a piece of art and to display in my china cabinet.  I’m proud of my collection in which I have only purchased one stein for every trip to Walt Disney World.  Many of them represent a portion of Germany, others have a story to them.  Either way, if you want your Disney Dad’s eyes to light up for Father’s Day, give him one of these.

I have only scratched the surface of all the items throughout the park that are Dad specific.  There are literally hundreds of items for every type of taste.  If you need help, do ask one of the friendly Cast Members.  They can give you suggestions for the shop that they are tending to and maybe make suggestions of another item that they have seen in the park.  For this Father’s Day, especially for your Disney Dad, give him something that he will remember for a lifetime.

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