Fall is around the corner! Food and Wine in the Air!

I am truly excited that the fall season is near! Fall and winter are our most favorite times of the Disney Season! My wife and I are looking forward to attending the MNSSHP, and Food and Wine Festival in 3 weeks. I am looking forward to the seeing the progress of the Fantasyland expansion. Really looking forward to “Be our Guest” restaurant. I see that Disney is going to be adding a competition beverage to “Butter Beer” Some folks may say Ohhh No, alcohol in the Magic Kingdom…Oh My… Walt would be upset. Well, in my opinion I beg to differ. Walt opened Disneyland in California and Club 33 sells adult beverages there! Private events have always been allowed the exception to the rule as well. I hope that this does not become an issues with guests… It’s a matter of personal control. Have a look at the “Be Our Guest Wine and beer Menu”


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