Exotic Driving Gets More Exotic

Here at the Disney World Speedway, they know their fair share of Exotics. From Ferrari to Lamborghini to Porsche, but how about getting a little Exotic down from the south seas?

jump into the seat of an Exotic Supercar and you can now have the rare opportunity to be given aid from Indy Supercar, Daytona 500, Monaco and 24 hour lemans racer, Christian Fittipaldi! I was lucky enough to meet Christian during the opening preview of the Exotic Driving Experience in Disney World in February, and I’ll tell you, you wont find a finer driver out there. his grace driving a $300,000 Ferrari like it’s your dads Corvette. He barely breathes differently while riding the wall at speeds close to 150mph.
Exotic Driving VIP

Well, now the Exotic Driving Experience will allow you a VIP day complete with Christian Fittipaldi. The usual Driving Experience is 6 laps behind the wheel of a very expensive supercar. The new VIP will be 8 laps, and also will include the Thrill Ride with Christian himself, and even a chance for some Q&A.

I had the chance to ride with Christian in the Ferrari 458 Italia while he pushed the limits of the car on several laps, banking turns at over 110mph. It was a pure joy! Dont let this opportunity slip away. Classes are very limited.

Whats the price you ask? $2,000… however, your also getting a lunch, autographed Exotic Driving memorabilia from Christian and a day full of gasoline fumes and tires! It debuts June 8th 2012.

To make reservations for VIP Day with Christian Fittipaldi, please call 1.855.822.0149.

For more details, visit Exotic Driving Experience at Walt Disney World to Offer VIP Experience

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