Enchanted Tiki Room Update

Walt Disney World is going to reopen the much loved Enchanted Tiki Room after a fire struck the building in January. The press release was set to reopen a little later this year, but we have heard from sources that the Tiki Room will open it’s doors once again on August 15th, just 2 weeks away!  Since 1971 it has been a much loved attraction, with plenty of the famous animitronics at all ranges of the room. Keep in mind, this is still the second version, since the original opened in Disneyland back in 1963 to great reviews. Although many guests have come to love the attraction in the WDW, it has still changed names a few times, been referred to as different things, and now will be officially known as “Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room.”  If you remember the previous experience, you also may see some new technology updates. Disney always keeps you on your toes with today’s and tomorrow’s tech.

Be sure to check it out and report back on the new experience.

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