Easter at Walt Disney World 2012

Mr. Easter Bunny in 2003

I have always enjoyed Easter, celebrating Easter at Walt Disney World is even better. Back in 2003, when working at Magic Kingdom, I got to know Mr. and Ms. Easter Bunny. For two weeks at Magic Kingdom, the two bunnies would do a song and dance down Main Street USA. One day, before work at Magic Kingdom, I got to see the song and dance for myself.  I loved the performance with Mr. and Ms. Easter Bunny and got pictures of them. I have always wanted to go back down for Easter, but haven’t had the chance yet. I seem to go before Easter or after, when the Easter bunny is around at WDW.

This year I have heard that you can Meet and Greet Mr. and Ms. Easter Bunny at Magic Kingdom near City Hall. The Meet and Greet starts at 10 am and runs to 6pm every day until April 8th!

At Epcot there is an Easter Egg Hunt located at Heritage Garden. There the children can run around hunting for eggs while Mr and Ms. Easter Bunny watches over them. Later each child can get pose for pictures with Mr. and Ms. Easter Bunny.

Ms. Easter Bunny in 2003

At Animal Kingdom, Thumper and Miss Bunny are at Camp Minnie-Mickey for Meet and Greet. I just love Bambi so this is something I wouldn’t pass up!

If you are staying at the Walt Disney World Resorts this season, you can order a Mickey or Minnie Grand Easter Surprise 2012 for your children. It is $124.95, if you want to know more about the baskets, you can go HERE

Also this year is the 1st Annual Easter Egg display at the Disney’s Grand Floridian. The cast members create these beautiful hand painted eggs. The eggs weigh between 9 to 12 pounds each.  So stop by and view them.

I hope every have a Happy Easter and if you are at the Walt Disney World Resort, say Hi to Mr. and ms. Easter Bunny for me!

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