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As I start this article, I am 32,000 feet in the air on the first leg to Disneyland. As this is my first adventure to “The Happiest Place in the World” a lot of thoughts start running thru my mind. First being is the passenger sitting beside me wondering what am I writing as it is a somewhat turbulent flight from Pittsburgh to Dallas. Then I remember I should apologize to all the readers for not writing any articles for the past 3 months.
This one is a short; call it a snap-shot of my thoughts of Disneyland as I have been to WDW so many times. The next three articles will go into the differences between the 2 parks, the resorts, and the most anticipated dining/bar experience of Trader Sam’s.
The biggest thought on my mind right now is Space Mountain, The Matterhorn, & Soarin’ going to be open as yesterday, April 13th, OSHA shut those 3 rides down due to Disney not installing proper safety measures after an incident in November of 2012. Next thing up is just the anticipation of visiting the original park that Walt Disney himself dreamed, built, and walked around in. Of course, I am dying to ride Radiator Springs Racers, since I love Test Track.
Well, we will start with the transportation from Orange County (John Wayne Airport), it was very efficient. There was myself and 1 other gentleman on my bus and we were both going to the Grand Californian. It only took us 25 minutes to get from the airport to the hotel. It is very comparable to Magical Express, except there is a charge for this transportation.
The Grand Californian is a VERY nice hotel and yes it looks a little like the Wilderness Lodge, but is very special in its own way. The lobby is relaxing and cozy. The rooms are very nice and feel like home. You can also ENTER Disney’s California Adventure from this hotel….and it is a MAJOR BONUS.
I like that I just left my resort and walked to the entrance of both parks. And as I was waiting to enter Disneyland all I could think about is what Walt felt every time he came under the Railroad and entered onto Main Street. The lands are nicely laid out and themed perfectly. I actually thought Disneyland’s costumes and theming was more colorful and looked newer then Disney World.
I would make sure that you have a Corn Dog!!!!!! They are incredible. This is something Disney World is missing out on. I spent the first hour just walking around the park and taking everything in. I hit my favorites first, the ones that were open. I will talk about specific rides in the next article.
I then headed over to California Adventure, which is right across from Disneyland’s entrance. I loved this convience. And I have got to say…..this park is INCREDIBLE. The theming, attractions, and castmembers is top notch. I put this park in the top 3 of my favorite parks now. Since you are wondering, Carsland is the BEST THEMED LAND IN ANY PARK!!!! The imaginers have taken a movie and put it right into California Adventure. I will goto more detail when I break the parks down.  The restuarant/beverage selection is vrey nice. It is hard to make a decision on what and where to dine or drink.

Overall I felt that Disneyland was very Magical and you could feel Walt everywhere you went. Yes, I still like Walt Disney World, but I have a special place for Disneyland now too. I will say, every WDW fan should go to Disneyland and experience the Magic that is Disneyland. You get a thrill of what Walt might have felt every time he was in HIS PARK.

Until the next article on the Disneyland Parks……keep dreaming and NEVER stop.

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  • May 4, 2013 at 9:39 am

    I agree Jay, when I was in Disneyland it was a magical experience knowing this is where it all began. It does bring a different vibe walking around. I also enjoy my WDW, but Disneyland is very special to me as well.


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