Disneyland Paris Hosts Summer of Heroes and MARVEL Stunt Show Replacing CineMagique

spider-man-transparent-png-disney-superheroes-parisCaptain America, Iron-Man, Thor, Spider-Man, Star-Lord and Black Widow will make their first exclusive public appearance at Disneyland Paris in summer 2018. The new show, called: Marvel Summer of Super Heroes will sure to win fans worldwide. Naturally, in the finest Disneyland spirit, the heroes will feature meet and greets, live action shows and more!

The icing on the cake?

Spider-Man flying high above the newly changed CineMagique Theater, in a 360 stunt show. Now that is worth it alone for admission and a ticket to Paris. I must say, Marvel and Disney have certainly pushed the boundaries of what fans are expecting to see, and yet they deliver time and time again.

We’d love to hear your feedback? Are you a big enough Spidey fan to want to go see this?

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