Disney Parks Blog Trick or Meet-Up

The Disney Parks Blog Trick or Meet-Up was a huge success! They did such a great job and everyone had so much fun. The night started with a full venue DJ, playing music from a tricked out neon loaded track in the Blizzard Beach parking lot, where the lucky (roughly) 300 attendees were gathered before the event.

Disney was on hand with prizes of Vinylmations, treats and Disney swag for correct trivia questions.  Most came in costumes, ready to tackle the haunted places that awaited us. Once the games were down and crowds were ready, the Disney Cruise Line buses showed us to take us all on a backstage pass through the hidden cast member entrance behind Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom.

The crowds of people for the turn out had great fun as they were greeted by Disney Cast members dressed to impress in their own costumes and haunted attire.  The Haunted Mansion was showcased in bright reds and blues in the evening light.  The event started with a photo shoot inside the Hall of Presidents, followed by Disney Imagineers talking about their roles in the Haunted Mansion. Jason Surrell was on hand and many other Imagineers who helped design what you see today outside in the queue of Haunted Mansion.

She made my night...

After this event, and it was hosted by a giant turkey leg by the way, we were sent out into the park for treats and drinks outside in Frontierland.  Disney had Cheesecakes, the standard Fudge Dipped Rice Krispie Mickey Ears and all kinds of devilish delights along with refreshments.  From there, guests could roam around the ground near the Haunted Mansion, or head into the Queue for Q&A and a private tour with Pete Carsillo and Eric Goodman.  Both were on hand to point out a lot of not so obvious Imagineering secrets.  Did you know there is a doggie door built into the rear entrance to the Haunted Mansion queue for the groundskeepers dog?  Or have you seen the dogs paw prints in the concrete on the back stairs?  Theis is what were talking about people – DETAILS! No one does it like Disney.

After having a quick Q&A with Pete Carsillo, he asked a question of how many “living” creatures are in the Haunted Mansion, to which just about everyone replied “2”.  Of course, this is incorrect, as you have the Groundskeeper, the dog, there are 3 cats on the tombstones and the Raven is a bit questionable wose glowing red eyes…  After I had stumped him with my answer, he laughed and had to rethink the rest of the nights speech since he himself was stumped by a Disney Fan – ME!

We had a great time, and those guys ROCK! What a great bunch and the way he describes the work and detail that goes in to everything they do, it’s amazing every kid doesn’t aspire to be an Imagineer.

We toured the ride a few times, ate more candy, went back on the ride, had pictures taken with Mickey and Minnie and Donald, then went back on again.  We had from 9pm to 12am to do what we wanted in that area of the parks while fog machines pumped misty dark gray fogs onto the lawn of the Haunted Mansion while crazy music played through the parks.

After the ceremony was over, and we all were leaving, we all got to catch a glimpse of the Christmas Lights on the Castle as they were quickly displayed (maybe testing?) for us to see.  As we exited the park, we were all given a special Vinylmation and Haunted Mansion Lithograph.  Back on the bus we went!

Here are some pictures from the event.

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