Disney is Everywhere

People ask me all the time, “What is this thing with Disney? I mean, I like Six Flags, but I don’t go every weekend…” I can answer this a couple of ways, but most of the WDW Dads can handle such a discussion.  When you go to the mall or even a store like Walmart or Target, do you see Six Flags merchandise?  Do you see something that presents to you, some other place on earth that can be more fun?

It doesn’t matter where I go or what time I am there, Disney seems to at every turn.


This toy box, although small, was available in the Christmas Tree Shops here in Connecticut. They had them for sale from $3.00 to $5.00.  They had Cars, Toy Story, Tinkerbell and more. They also had some Spiderman boxes as well, but most were Disney. What a great gift idea for someone, to grab one of these and fill it will all sorts of fun Disney stuff for one of your children or of course, your wife!

These boxes were just tougher than cardboard and would not hold up long term, but for $3.00 I would say it was a good bargain. The Mickey ones did not look as nice as the Toy Story Buzz or the Cars boxes.

They would be perfect for a girls make-up case or for boys to keep collectibles in or maybe baseball cards.  Each of them were a little larger than a shoebox size.

You can also find huge Disney bargains at Walmart and Target and even Walgreens.



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