Disney Inspiration

Disney Inspiration

The Disney Fantasy

Some say that the generation of younger men and women are going to be the downfall of our country, government, and politics. I Tend to disagree. I believe that the mentoring of our generation no matter the age range is where the problem arises. Judgmental idealism creates negativity on every level. That being said; the basis on this post is on the nature of inspiration from passion. Passion started from an age of a child carried through to an adult.

Jason Tiki Tackett, whom I met on his Facebook Page, is exactly the type of inspiration that I admire in Disney CM. My wife and I do not have children, yet frequent Disney Parks and properties as much and possibly more that some who do! It comes down to inspiration and passion. The attention to detail from every level of service no matter the job title. Being that I have not personally met “Tiki”I can only proclaim my knowledge based on our conversations on FB, and my readings into his passion and work throughout his tenure with the Disney family!

I could ramble for quite some time about that of which I have read on his bio, yet I would rather you visit his page, so that you can not only read, but envelop the creativity and passion that he has. I will briefly say that “Tiki” started working in merchandising in a Disney store in Ohio, and followed his magical dream, which grew into working in the the “MAGIC PLACE”, from attractions to guest services. One of select few in the vast numbers of Disney CM, He was able to work on a prject that I truly enjoyed, yet just didn’t last long, because in my opinion was a little before it’stime! The VMK (Virtual Magic Kingdom) Project. It was truly a wonder for someone/anyone to be able to immerse themselves into Disney Magic from anywhere on the globe. After it’s short lived time, “Tiki” was fortunate (as being self-taught) to be addressed and asked to continue his digital creativity with Disney.

For any of you Disney fans out there that are D23 Fans, you will most certainly recognize his work now!  As the artist for Disney’s “Orange Bird” , and also being focused on Disney Parks Blog, “Tiki” has created some amazing art work, not limited to but including , Disney Wallpaper, Disney Pins, Disney art, and also of New NEWS, artwork for the Maiden voyage of the Disney Fantasy.

There are Just a couple of his inspirations!

Check out his Wallpaper for the Disney Fantasy

and his Wallpaper for Disney’s Aulani Resort

I truly hope that you enjoy this blog post and also enjoy becoming a part of “Tiki’s” Disney Family, because it is his style and type of dedication to Disney magic and passion, that continues to keep the love in Walt’s vision,when our economy and times are trying their best to chip away at it!

Have a Magical Weekend



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