Disney Helps Diabetes

Lilly Diabetes and Disney have created resources to help children with type 1 diabetes, their families, and caregivers manage everyday life. Resources include a series of children’s storybooks and teen novels, customized editions of Disney magazines, a dedicated section on Disney’s family.com, and a family cookbook. Together, Lilly’s expertise in type 1 diabetes and Disney’s magic can help keep children and their families feeling inspired and empowered to live a full and active life.

Disney Interactive launched a new online destination in collaboration with Lilly Diabetes. The new offering combines Lilly’s unmatched understanding of diabetes with Disney Interactive’s trusted online resource of parenting tools, information and community.

For both the child and family, the challenges of living with diabetes can be daunting. To help families, the special online destination dedicated entirely to type 1 diabetes resides on Spoonful, Disney’s newest website for moms, at http://spoonful.com/type1. The site contains articles, videos and advice from caregivers raising children with type 1 diabetes and highlights ways families can establish a new routine and let kids be kids. It will also feature important topics such as how to plan for vacations, sleepovers and extracurricular activities as well as tips on how to talk to friends, teachers and coaches about type 1 diabetes.

Compliments of Disney’s Spoonful

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