Disney to close Rock N Rollercoaster?

Well, the time for the refurb has come!

Wait, you are waiting to hear that Aerosmith is gone? Changing to a new Marvel adventure? Perhaps not, but the ride will have some new radical and superhuman launching controls and a slight maintenance overhaul. It does seem like Disney will need to add additional maintenance and upgrades after a very long and overdue run. Speculations came to insinuate that Marvel may be taking over, and requiring much more space. The rumors flew early on about Marvel having a new coaster, but fear not Steven Tyler fans, the ride will return, with the “finger-edited” Tyler back on stage.

“New positioning system and better signal transmission will increase the reliability of this unique piece of engineering”

The coaster has an amazing propulsion system to rocket guests to 60+mph in less than 3 seconds. So, will you notice additional whiplash? Most likely not, the changes are routine and subtle and mostly underneath the skin. In either case, enjoy the show!

The all new and improved Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster reopens 17th June 2016.


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