#DeliveryManMovie – Vince Vaughn has 533 Kids!

So, when you think of settling down, getting married and perhaps having children, do you really try and plan on just “how many” you both may want to have? Personally I have friends who originally set out to have 3 and yet after having 2 over-wild children, they have stopped in their tracks and decided 2 is costing enough loss of sleep and free time…

I personally have 1.5 children. Well, the .5 is a very small dog named Penelope who thinks she is human. Imagine waking up morning to learn that you have fathered 533 children during a “whoops” at a fertility clinic. That brings the story of Delivery Man.


Vince Vaughn is perfect for this role in my opinion. He is an actor who never seems to need lines as he is very quick on his feet in his ability to roll with the punches. It almost look from the trailer like you are watching a version of “Ed TV” or “The Truman Show” when you watch him go through this because he has a very real and natural ability to make the unbelievable, believable.

It’s funny how sometimes we think we could not possibly manage to have a child or perhaps a few children but as this movie looks to show, anything could be possible if you want a family to work. Dysfunctional? Well, you know the writers and Vince Vaughn are going to have comedy galore here and the trailer looks hysterical. What better way to have fun with your family for the follow weeks Thanksgiving in November, than seeing this flick the week before.

This video goes live on July 2nd, 2013 at 12pm Eastern:

Delivery Man, 533-1 image010 image002

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