D23 Tweet Meet at Magic Kingdom #D23Meet

Join The Walt Disney World Dads and a bunch of others as we get together at a fun filled Disney Event in the Magic kingdom Park tomorrow April 17th, 2012. A morning full of some wonderful treats from the Sunshine Terrace…? hmm, what could it be??


So, the surprise is out! The Little Orange Bird is coming back to the Disney family. The little Disney Animatronic has been dusted off the shelves, literally, and put back to it’s original location in the Sunshine Tree terrace. You can now visit the shaded drink spot to cool down, grab the infamous Citrus Swirl, and see that new/old little friend. More pictures to follow of the little guy as we create a video of today’s festivities. It was really cool to hear imagineers and animators talk about bringing back this bird who was silent for the past 40+ years.

Here is the audio from today’s @Magic247Radio Team’s Broadcast at #D23Meet – @DisneyD23


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