Cosmic Reid Returns!

Cosmic Reid

We have strongly welcomed alien invaders to our universe for years now right? No? Just me?

Well, Cosmic Reid, aka, Chris Reid is flying across the borders and through immigration and customs to the USA and coming to Walt Disney World! The meet of the century or millennium or something!

The Polynesian will never be the same, on Sept 27th, OW WAIT, THAT’S TODAY!, Yes, tonight at the Tambu Lounge at 9:15pm. Come meet the legendary Chris Reid, the infamous radio dj that has shocked the world…. (alright, maybe not)

Alright, I’m getting ahead of myself…  Come on out and join us and Chris and a bunch of the 7 Seas Radio Crew as we have some friendly drinks, chats and a great overall time. Family fun event! Come see for yourself why Chris Reid is so beloved by this Disney community. He is truly, Out Of This World!

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