Coppertone – Tanning Safety 101

Well, I live in central Florida. I go to the beach often, and I most certainly spend a huge amount of time in theme parks as you know. Yep, I bake in the sun way to much. I also happen to be half German and English, so my skin gets lobster red before I see any nice tan! Now, where does that story begin to entertain you?

Enter Coppertone.


This product is amazing. Coppertone was the one thing that kept me from being a completely non-intentional hospital burn victim during visits multiple times. Lets say you spend a few hours in the Florida sun… You go to the beach or spend time at the pool so you can go home and make everyone up north jealous! (Don’t laugh, you’ve done it.)

So, you decide that your tan-level on a scale of Powder to Satan is about a nice and roasty barn yard red. If you want to avoid the sun, you need sun block. now, there are a lot of choices if you go to the store in regards to sun block. I stick to one major name brand for a reason. Coppertone has an advanced process for their sun blocks and you can actually near choose your level of tan based on their SPF levels. For me, I stick to a 10-20 range while my wife who is Snow White fair skin, will stick to the SPF 50+. This way you are in control and you can still enjoy days upon days of Florida sun without having to worry about the burn that is going to come… Not to mention the messy, ugly and very unattractive peeling.

Seriously guys? Get Coppertone and call it a day. Full sun protection, without the worries or the water washing it off and other headaches. Enjoy the beach the way the nature intended and dont be, “that person!”

bad tan-coppertone

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