Cool Down in the WDW

Depending on where you are in the parks, there are a few things for certain.

1. If it is in the months of June through September (now even October…) – It’s freaking HOT!

2. It can get hard to walk through parks sweating all day with children.

3. No matter how much water you bring, it’s not enough.


So, lets take a small look at a few of the favorite cool down spots on the WDW tour.

First up is my personal favorite, “Club Cool” in Epcot. This attraction (and I call it an attraction since this place is more popular than Soarin some days) it hosted by Coca Cola.  Once you get through the “Legacy” area, head under Spaceship Earth (The Globe) and head straight to the large fountains in front of you. Club Cool is on the right. They have many different soda’s from around the globe, all produced by the Coca Cola Co.  Ranging from simple Ginger-ale “type” sodas, orange flavors to fancy delicious flavorful drinks like “Beverly.”  Wait, oh, somebody already told you Beverly tastes terrible… damn.  OK, well, on to the next spot.

You can find many “cool-down” misting stations around many of the parks. You know, they spray you with a cool mist of water? Some work better than others, but it’s a good idea to point out the good ones.

1. In Epcot, I prefer the station outside Test Track. First of all, its right next to a place you can buy frozen coke products, and I always stop there.

2. In Animal Kingdom, there is a side sprayer on the side of a building that mists people walking by. It is located where the Jungle Book photo area is, check your map for details. Usually is pretty cold mist…

3. In Hollywood Studios, everyone knows it’s the fire truck and giant Coke Bottle that can’t be missed. Just before heading near the Muppets area, you’ll see a red fire truck coming through the wall and a giant Coka-Cola bottle. Walk over near the bottle and the cap will rise off, misting you with fresh cool mater. Ahhh. The fire truck also sends out a bit of cold mist from the engine bay and looks like the engine is overheating. Very cool Disney!

WDW Cool Down Station

4. In the Magic Kingdom, my favorite spot is in the Tomorrowland area, in front of Space Mountain and close to the Astro Orbiter.  The Cool Scanner. You will see it, it’s rather large and quite hard to miss. It looks like a giant rocket and blasts down mist from above. Very cool.

Now that you know where my favorite spots are, do you have any of your own? Leave us a comment if you do! It might make the list!

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