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First off, let me say I have met Chef Robert Irvine many times. The jacked guy you see on TV yelling at people to “Get A Grip!” or “Your killing your restaurant!”, can’t be further from the actual daily nature of this Chef. He is quite down to earth, does not consider himself unapproachable and loves his fans. To me, that makes all the difference in anyone who is a celebrity or role model. Chef Robert has a great culinary history and background with Food Network, having several successful shows including Dinner Impossible and Restaurant Impossible to Worst Cooks in America and many other appearances. He is certainly a force to be reckoned with!

The first time I met Chef Robert, it was at Mohegan Sun Casino’s Sun Fest many years ago. A friend injured herself and was in a wheel chair for the event and Chef Robert picked her right out of the crowd to have some fun with on stage! The only one ingredient she will not only never eat, but also never cook with is Okra. So, what does Chef make her eat on stage in front of everyone? Raw Okra! It was hysterical. He builds great comedy and personality into his performances. The shows on TV always have his persona to be very dry, cut-throat and sometimes a bit harsh to many people with a very real possibility of losing their restaurant, house or in some cases even their family. I understand what it takes to get through to people just as Chef Robert does, but on TV, you only see what they show you.


Chef Robert Irvine has dedicated much of his culinary life to helping others in need and it shows in many ways. I have witnessed his true nature and I am very thankful to see him each time he is in town. My son looks at him as a role model as a future aspiring chef and Robert has never disappointed us. Each time our son gets to see Robert again, Robert takes the time to speak to him directly and get him to open up a bit. For a shy quiet teenage boy, this isn’t always easy, let me tell you! My son has met many famous Chefs and a few celebrities and what pictures are hanging on his wall and his own Facebook page? Chef Robert Irvine and him, big smiles, autographed pictures from Robert and more!


Look, I’m not here to promote Chef Robert Irvine, although I am sure I could all day. Great guy, great husband, great father, blah blah… You know the rest. What I can tell you is that next week, many Chef’s from the Orlando area will be cooking with fans and friends to raise money for charity with Chef Robert Irvine! Want to join in, but think you can’t cook? As Gusteau says in Ratatouille, “Anyone Can Cook.”


Chef Robert Irvine on Food Network

Gourmet Soiree

Florida Hospital invites you to roll up your sleeves and cook your way to a Healthy 100! Gourmet Soiree is an interactive dinner experience demonstrating how exciting healthy cooking can be. This unique event focuses on the overall health and well-being of our community through Florida Hospital’s Healthy 100 movement in an interactive fast-paced cooking experience. Guests will don aprons and under the tutelage of a guest celebrity chef, prepare superb, healthy cuisine at their very own table. Featured celebrity guest chef’s include the Food Network’s Chef Robert Irvine (host of the hit series Restaurant: Impossible, Chef Irvine has pre­viously been seen on Dinner: Impossible, Worst Cooks in America and The Next Iron Chef). Sponsorships include tables of 8, each hosted by a local celebrity chef that will help guide the guests in preparing a healthy, delicious three course meal.

Generosity shared at Gourmet Soiree will help to support all vital programs at Florida Hospital with a focus on Florida Hospital for Children’s Healthy 100, fit Program. Fit is an innovative and exciting outreach initiative to help children and parents understand that an obesity-free life is more than healthy eating and fitness. Orlando is the first community to launch fit, providing an opportunity for each of us – parents, teachers and health care professionals – to join together to reduce childhood obesity. Let’s make Orlando’s children healthier and give each child the opportunity to live to a Healthy 100.

On Sunday, June 3, 2012, Florida Hospital will be hosting a new fundraising event, Florida Hospital’s Gourmet Soiree at Rosen Shingle Creek. This interactive dinner will highlight to attendees how healthy eating can be fun, engaging and exciting. The unique event will feature a reception, live and silent auction and a fabulous meal prepared by a local restaurant chef with the assistance of the eight table guests. Guest’s will don aprons, and under the guidance of their table chef, will assist in preparing their meal by using the prepped ingredients and butane burner provided at each table. All this will take place while celebrity chefs, Robert Irvine, host of Restaurant Impossible on Food Network and Hollis Wilder, owner of SWEET! and three time winner of Cupcake Wars (The last win with Chef Emily Ellyn!!) commentates to guests from stage.

New things for 2013:

After receiving feedback from our chefs and our guests, we have decided to invite the chefs to enjoy the meal that they created with their table. This year you will be cooking for 9, which will include you and your eight table guests. Who better to help us cook than Super Chef, The Retro Rad Queen herself, Miss Emily Ellyn: This is gonna be RAD, Retro-Rad!
EmilyEllyn-Retro Rad

This year each chef will be provided premium Black Angus beef from Creekstone farms, boneless, skinless chicken as the proteins and portabella mushroom as the vegetarian option.

We would like to get the restaurants’ that the chefs are affiliated with more involved. This year we will offer marketing materials to let your guests know the chef will be a part of Gourmet Soiree.

All chefs and their affiliation will be acknowledged on our Gourmet Soiree website and a link directing them to the restaurant or business.

This year we require that all chefs donate a dining experience at their restaurant or a gift certificate to be used in our silent auction. The form is attached.

We would like to give all of our chefs a challenge to create a Healthy 100 Approved Meal to be used by Florida Hospital Gourmet Soiree and our Healthy 100 team. Your recipe could be published in a recipe book that will be available for our guests at Gourmet Soiree. We hope you will take this challenge. I have included the guidelines. To be considered as a Healthy 100 Menu Item you will need to submit by February 15.

To be considered for the Gourmet Soiree Recipe Book you will need to submit by April 1, 2013.


To purchase individual tickets or a group table, please contact Stephanie McDowell with at 407-303-9580 or

Florida Hospital Employees are welcome to purchase individual tickets to Gourmet Soiree for a discounted price of $150 – 50% off single ticket price! To purchase tickets, contact Jami Smith at (407) 303-9586.

5:30 pm to 8:30 pm


  • 9939 Universal Blvd.
  • Orlando, FL 32819

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