Chimpanzee on Bluray, Meet Oscar


Oscar, the lovable, playful little orphan is back and in brighter color on Bluray today! This is the heart warming story of an abandoned chimp named Oscar. His family and life are simply, carefree. Something changes quickly and drastically and Oscar is now alone in the jungle. Facing his fears as a small baby Chimpanzee, he is “adopted” by another older chimp ready to help him survive.

Anyone who has watched the polar bears in Disney Nature films before can understand that dialog doesn’t always have a place in movies when you watch animals on the screen. The emotion, facial expressions and overall movements can tell you the story. A remarkable story and journey of this little amazing chimp, who seems like Curious George.

Disney Chimpanzee

The DVD / Bluray features many bonuses and special features to make this film really sing to your heart. The conservation programs that went along with this film and what has been done after are stunning. Efforts from all over. Disney’s Friends for Change: a program that showcases steps that children and families can take to make a positive impact on the world as we know it today for the future.

Oscar, the Chimpanzee

The Bluray features many more specials such as bonus material on the filming and making of Chimpanzee. Did you know this movie began more than 30 years ago? Well, sort of… The film makers and experts have been researching the Chimps on the Ivory Coast for over 30 years. The study of animals in the wild have their own unique challenges and even though this was a Disney film, they staff and crew were subjected to much of mother nature to film this story, including a 2 hour trek in the wood just to get to the chimps each day!

Available at retailers August 21st, 2012

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