Bring Some Fun To Your Home! POWER ATTACK!

Batman Power Attack Toys are here!

Sponsored by MommyParties and Mattel, the Batman Power Attack Party is now here! Want to have fun for all ages, bringing the best from one of the World’s Greatest Super Hero’s? POWER ATTACK!


Ok, as the Man-Cave, we decided to host a Batman Power Attack Party and have some fun for Batman and his friends. The combo kit includes tons of awesome toys that are fully poseable, moveable and complete with power attack moves that bring Batman, The Joker and Robin to life! We even got our very own Batmobile!

Batman Power Attack

Along with playing with tons and tons of toys, you also get a great party treat menu and recipe guide! How cool is that?! Batman Gotham Grape Juice, Bats In A Blanket, Robin’s Roll Up’s and more.

Batman Gotham Grape Juice

Complete recipes for Batman and his friends to enjoy “Gotham Grape Juice” or “Bats In A Blanket”…  How about a homemade Batman Logo Cake?

Batman Power Attack Cake

We went a little overboard on that one, but we wanted cake! When you want cake, you bake a cake! So, onto the toys: You gets TONS of stuff in the Power Attack Party Pack. Figures, action sets, bonus play gift boxes, balloons, and more. The box was so huge it took us awhile to just unpack it!

Batman Power Attack Party Box

I am still in shock at the toys involved. For any superhero fan, it’s a blast! The MommyParties know how to throw a party! Mattel knows how to make solid toys that took the beatings of some younger boys and girls and a few younger teenagers. Everyone loved the party, the cake and the fun memories! By the way, the picture above is half the toys!! We didnt have enough room on the table for it all!!

Ben as Batman for The Power Attack Party

When you are putting together your next Party, try out MommyParties and see how well the party goes. Here is one of the recipes for the Batman Power Attack Gotham Grape Juice, try it!


Gotham Grape Juice

2 cups red grape juice

2 cups white grape juice

5 cups lemon-lime soda

Batman Superhero Gift Bag


Combine in a large punch bowl and serve over ice! The tart flavor brings out the grape and it’s totally awesome! It will bring out the BAT in any kid!


The party itself, runs itself! That is what MommyParties are all about, getting the best stuff to put an awesome party together where you can enjoy it and partake in the fun and not sit on the sidelines! My family had a great time dressing up and enjoying the fun!!



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