Body of Proof – Season 3 DVD

body of proof-season 3-dvd

Another cop show drama? Sort of.

I am a fan of police drama shows, provided they have some credibility. I can’t stand it when good always wine, cases always get solved, it just isnt real life.

Body of Proof on ABC has a great concept and it isnt always about the street life of the Police Force. We actually got into the show in Season 1 because of my wife’s Forensic background. The show revolves around the Medical Examiners office and how cases get solved with lots of other tools than good ‘ol fashioned police work.

The cast has plenty of comedy and actually, most of the time, it follows real life quite well. Although I think in real life, Meghan hunt would not be so fancy, but who knows, maybe heels and lipstick are actually part of a medical examiners office bag?

On June 18th, the final season of BODY OF PROOF arrives on DVD!

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