Best Snacks For Travel – Adults, Kids, Couples and Pets …continued

While traveling, snacks play an important role. Not just for adults but mostly if you have children and pets. The trip and duration certainly plays into effect here, but overall the size of the snack, the weight, and the sustainability is key.

Best Snacks For Children

In my infinite search for treats that aren’t completely chocolate and sugar, I have found that I still have to factor in flavor or I’m wasting my time. No one on the trip is going to eat kale-chips the way that I or my wife might. So, we need to take a different approach and have snacks that might appear bad, but really, aren’t that bad for them.

The best kids snack for travel are Cliff Bars.

You might already be doing the eye-rolling because your kids will NEVER eat those, but hear me out… There are two varieties that might make you a believer. First is the Mint Chocolate. It has the cooling, almost York Peppermint Patty or Mind Chocolate ice-cream style mint, nothing overwhelming. It also ads some chocolate but most of all has actual protein and is very filling. A single bar could easily give 2 children the removal feeling of empty stomach. (plus, they can be purchased for less than $0.80 each with free shipping!

The second flavor that changes the way kids think of these is Blueberry Crisp. A little fruit, mixed with some oats gives kids the feeling it is sweeter than perhaps it actually is! I had 3 picky kids and all the way through their teens this was the go-to-snack for them. Remember, there are dozens of different varieties of these. Pick and choose what your kids like!

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