Being Refurbished for your Future Enjoyment

“BEING REFURBISHED FOR YOUR FUTURE ENJOYMENT” That is the last thing you want to see on your vacation and one thing I have learned from answering emails from guests is they want to avoid closures and construction on their vacation like it’s the plague. Well in the past before the internet and forums on every subject you can think about, people just went on vacation without a care in the world…except what the weather was going to be like and if they got the travelers checks.

Now people go on line of their favorite blog and know when the lamp post is going to be painted at their favorite themepark or resort. Is that a good thing? I’m not sure. Since my site about the Polynesian Resort does try and keep guests informed about every detail, I struggle sometimes with the question if it is good or bad to have that much information out there. Does knowing everything about what is going on or being worked on just create fear and anxiety or does it better prepare people so they are not disappointed. Does knowing how things work diminish the magic? I think it depends on you. For me I like to know what to expect so I can be ready for it. Other people seem to take the slightest bit of bad news and let it throw them into a tail spin that can just start off their vacation on the wrong foot.

I have been to Disney World when major rides were being demolished and half the resort was closed to get the rooms redesigned. I did not let it affect my trip in a negative way. In fact I enjoyed seeing the changes to the resorts and parks. It gave me something to look forward to next trip and I can say I was there when it was being created. I am sure if you have been to Disney enough times you have seen the walls up around something and you know they do their best to block the work in progress. Even at resort they plan to do things in stages and close off areas at a time.

I have been at the Polynesian through a few room redesigns and I can say it did not affect my stay. Even when the pools are closed they try and accommodate by allowing guests to use other resort pools. When this happens (like it is with the Grand Floridian pool closed and them allowing guests to use the Polynesian pool) people on line get upset and think it might ruin their visit. It might just be that it ends up not being something that affects their visit at all.

People have to understand that even if big projects (like adding Disney Vacation Club to a resorts) is not going on, there is some level of maintenance happening every year to parks and resorts that has to happen. Even many resort pools are closed every year for some amount of time to be maintained. They try and do these things during slow times (usually February to April). Every 5-10 years rooms at resorts usually get an overhaul or new design. Rides have to be closed to do more than your basic daily maintenance. New things have to be built to keep you coming back.

The thing is that without the internet for people to know these things, they might never have even noticed anything is happening. So is the anxiety all for naught? I think sometimes it is.

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