50's Prime Time

We made a reservation at Prime Time a few months prior to our trip having never eaten there before. We chose it because we had planned a long, fun filled day at Hollywood Studios, and knew we would be ravenous. Having looked at the menu we considered it a good “safe” option; American style!
50s Prime Time Disney Hollywood Studios

Slightly tucked away in Hollywood Boulevard, we did not anticipate the “performance” that awaited. And that’s because you are almost literally transported back to the 50’s – and I’m not just talking décor! Here, everybody’s in character. The servers, or “aunts and uncles” stay well in character throughout, acting like a typical 50’s mom would. And that’s whose house you’re in- Moms! When waiting for your table, you’re in Mom’s living room, and when seated, told that “Mom is ready for you now”. The whole theme is though you’re having a big family get together.

When we were shown to our table we were introduced to our “cousins” (the other diners!) The 50sPrime Time Disneyroom really is like a typical 50’s household; fitted with retro black and white TV’s showing clips from the era. We didn’t have to look around long before my dad was shouted at for having his elbows on the table. You’re expected to mind your manners here- and that means eating your greens! Dad proved to be our server’s target, amounting to her actually feeding him green beans, and getting our “cousins” to make the train noises!

It’s easy to forget you’re there to eat! – I chose the fried chicken (around $15) which came with mashed potatoes and greens. Then our dessert menus came – in viewfinders! This is where we were very impressed as Prime Time were able to cater for my mother, who is a celiac. They made her a cheesecake which she loved!

We left full and laughing and will be back soon – though I do recommend making a reservation as it did seem to be busy in the “living room”.

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