2011 Food & Wine App

Ready for today’s technology? Here is the app to have! Download the official 2011 Disney Food & Wine App for FREE now to your smartphone.  It’s really more of a “guide” than an app, but it’s super cool and user friendly. Just use your smartphones Barcode or QR Scanner over the image below.

Below is a link guide to all available apps current out.

*ps, if you go to the Showcase and “forget” to have this scanned or downloaded up front, the QR code will also be on the back of all receipts in the World Showcase!

2011 Epcot Food Wine Free App

Apple iTunes also has an available app, but the cost is NOT free. Your going to pay $4.99 for the download, but it does have some cool features. Click the image to take you there.

Of course there is also the Mobile Website from the Official Disney Website. EpcotFW11

2 thoughts on “2011 Food & Wine App

  • September 29, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    I just rode the monorail to the TTC with a guy wearing a wdwdads t-shirt. so here I am visiting the site. I tried using the scan link above and it took me to the smart phone site for food and wine, but not to a list of current apps.

    • September 30, 2011 at 2:50 pm

      Matt, that is correct, the Disney Food and Wine “app” is more of a guide that has the food and wine kiosks, prices and places to navigate you though the land. It really isnt an app the way you would think of one. if you scan the QR code with your smartphone, it should bring you to their mobile site for easy viewing on the phone as you walk through the park.
      p.s., that was me in the tshirt! Thanks for checking us out!


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