Yorkshire County Fish Shop – Epcot

Some Brits will argue that you can’t find proper fish and chips on this side of the pond. Well I beg to differ. Located in the United Kingdom pavilion of EPCOT, guests can find a taste of authentic English fish and chips right here in America. The Yorkshire County Fish Shop is at the far end of the United Kingdom, just before the International Gateway by Rose and Crown Pub, and is one of the Disney Dining Plan locations. The sign outside the shop says Established in 1928, letting you know this recipe has been used for almost one hundred years. The restaurant features world-renownedHarry Ramsden’sFish and Chips from a small town in West Yorkshire, England.

The fish shop has a very limited, but delicious menu* *and is open only for lunch and dinner. After a long day of walking the parks, I decided to visit it for dinner. I was surprised to see the line for the fish shop was as long as it was; there had to be fifteen or twenty people waiting. I figured with a line this long, either the service was terrible or this was going to be the best fish and chips I ever ate. The line moved quickly and as we got closer to the window, we had realized there were not enough tables to accommodate everyone. I, however, knew that there were a few benches we could use in the garden area behind the pavilion.

When I got to the window, Sarah took my order. Sarah was all business, dressed in 19th Century peasant garb and a name badge that said she was from Manchester. She took my order (1 fish & chips, 1 Sprite), gave me my total and took my money ($10.51). It wasn’t until after Sarah handed me my order and I turned around that I understood that she wasn’t being rude by not talking, but rather she was trying to move the line, which had doubled in size.

As for the food, what can I say…It was the best fish and chips I have ever had! The fish was served traditionally, two pieces in a basket (although I got 3) with a handful of chips beneath it. The breading was firm and crunchy while the cod inside remained moist and flaky. The chips were perfect: moist, thick cuts of potato with a golden coating. Although I think malt vinegar completes the dish, tartar sauce is also available.

In conclusion the Yorkshire County Fish Shops was a delicious stop and if you want a taste of authentic fish and chips from across the pond, don’t bother to look any further.

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