WDW Memorable Mentions

I am dedicating this post to the Men and Women (I know, I’m going outside the box) that showcase the great things that WDW and Walt himself stands for.  Below are my TOP Promoters of the WDW Lifestyle.  This list may change and please do not be offended if your not on the list now, you might just be sometime as this is a rotational list. I am listing the TOP people who have helped promote ME and the Disney Dad community!  This is how I can say, Thank You.


  • StudiosCentral.com – Thank You Matt – Dude, you rock in the community and I love following your Sunday trips! A fellow Connecticut runaway like myself enjoying some Florida sun.
  • VacationFieldGuides.com – Tracie, you have a personality that screams Disney! Your books are spot on and very helpful.
  • MagicDisMom.com – A Photo Blog of an amazing woman and her child. Live in the footsteps of Krystal.
  • EyeOfMara.com – A unique spin on the world of Audio Animatronics and the world of Disney. Play well humans!



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