Ultimate Blog Party 2012 is BACK!

The Ultimate Blog Party from “5 Minutes for Mom” is back! Last year, the Walt Disney World Dads had the pleasure of being invited and joined up on a crazy Twitter, blog and internet ride that gave away prizes, met tons of great bloggers, and got to see hundreds if not thousands of blogs out there that normally I would never have seen.

Well, lets introduce you to “The Man-Cave of Disney” shall we?

My name is Robin Reeve and for the longest time I have been involved in Social Media and Web Design. My love for Disney, along with my wife’s undying love for the mouse has led us to create some great content and travels all about Walt Disney. I started this blog site about one year ago and have had the great pleasure of growing so rapidly that I had to change servers two times to handle the traffic and response. I started as an outlet to let the world know about the in’s and out’s of traveling to Disney World and being able to enjoy yourself, from a man’s perspective.

Although that may sound funny, since your thinking everyone at Disney has a great time, why would a trip need to be tailored for a guy, it’s actually very simple. I think both men and women look at Disney a little different sometimes. Yes, every woman looks at the Princesses and at some point wanted to be one or live in the Castle, but how does that compare to most guys? I don’t remember thinking or hoping I would be a price one day…

So, when many guys travel to Disney, even with a complete love for Mickey Mouse and the world in which he exists, most guys still want a little bit of fun. I wanted to reach out to the guys, dads and whoever wanted to listen to show them their is tons of stuff to do inside and outside the parks, that many people do not even know about. Did you know that you can drive a professional Nascar at over 140mph on Disney property? How about play 18 holes of golf on a PGA course? Disney isn’t all ponies and rainbows ya know!

This blog has now grown to include 11 staff writers, photographers and a great group of people from the USA to the UK that I can call friends. It’s not only an outlet for Disney fans, but it lets people help people by truly not being selfish. Sharing helpful information is what we are all about. Enjoy the blog!

As for me, well, I am a married, father of one great kid! I built a dream home and relocated last year to Florida to be close to the “action” as my wife would call it. I am a Social Media enthusiast & web designer by day, and an avid park goer by night. I spend most of my free time traveling with my family to anywhere of interest. I am an avid collector of great wine, and I’m always searching for that special bottle that goes unnoticed. I consider myself worldly and I can hold a conversation on just about any topic.

Currently, besides being the President of The Walt Disney World Dads, I am also the host of 2 Radio Shows on Magic 24.7 Radio, one called “Pirate Radio” which is a weekly variety show with celebrity guests, News and Info, and all things Disney that airs at 9pm ET Thursday Nights. I also share Disney history and attractions information on “Treasures From The Vault” every Friday on the station at 3pm ET. You can find out more information on those shows here on The Walt Disney World Dads, or TheWDWdads.com for short, and our station at Magic247Radio.com.

I am involved with Disney Social Media, a proud member of Disney’s InsidEars Panel and most currently, a new runDisney obsessed trainer. I did my first 5k run a month ago and have already signed up for 2 more races, including a 10 mile run in the fall at Disney. (God help me) :o)


  1. That’s quite a tale to tell! I’m not nearly as much of a Disney fan as my wife (@dvcmom) is, but I don’t blink when she says that we’re going to WDW or WDL. we always have a great time, and I did NOT know that you can drive a Nascar at WDW! IS that Test Track or something else?

  2. Looks like I’m the first here- glad I found your blog. We are planning our kids’ first trip to Disneyland this summer. I looking forward to reading your Disney tips. Coming to you from the Ultimate Blog Party and off to like you on the FB 🙂

  3. I can’t tell you how perfect the timing was on finding your site! I just booked our trip to Disney and was looking for a good place of resource on the place – I think I found exactly what I was looking for! Can’t wait for all the fun info I can find!

  4. Hello! This is exactly why this UBP has been so fun. (It’s my first). I am so happy to come across a Dad Blog about Disney! We are planning our first trip to Disney with my 3 kids and another couple and their 2 kids next year…will be ages 6-9. I’m saving you to my favs, and looking forward to your insight!

  5. Hey Robin!

    Already a fan of your site, just dropping by on the UBP12 🙂

    Learned a couple of things about you on this post! I’ve been tempted myself by runDisney… wish I had the circumstances for it, what a fun and motivating event.

    Keep up the great work on your blog!

    Colorado Mountain Mom

    1. Thanks Tami! Appreciate the interest and visit to the site. I agree runDisney can be a bit “frustrating”to sign up for and make the leap, but well worth it. Enjoy :O)

  6. Hi there.
    Just stopping by from UBP. I am the other half on our family blog http://www.garagesalesrus.blogspot.com/ and thought I would just connect with all of the Daddy bloggers out there. It’s great to read from a guy’s perspective. We will be following on twitter! Check us out when you get a chance. Click on the tab This is a Man’s World!

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